Aura Kingdom

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Join the war against the demons and save the world of Azuria in Aura Kingdom! Play NowAura Kingdom large

Aura Kingdom is an excellent anime MMORPG that emphasizes mainly on the PvE aspect of the game. The game offers an engaging and light-hearted storyline and a wonderful world for players, along with their Eidolons (combat spirits), to discover! Although its quest may seem a bit of a grind in nature, the game compensates by providing a dynamic combat system that you can customize to match your play style. The game also has fun and exciting PvP arenas and PvE dungeons in addition to a whole lot of achievements that you can earn and world bosses that you can hunt for.

The good people in the world of Terra need your help. Will you be able to defeat the evil Shadow Knight, Reinhardt, and his horde of demons?