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Fiesta Online is an anime-inspired MMORPG that contains some rather unique features that made it such a popular MMO of its time. In this game, you are given up to 6 character classes to choose from, including the Crusader class that will require you to have a level 60 character first. Level up your character via a variety of auto-routed quests that includes the special kingdom quest whereby you’ll be racing against time as you fight off invasions and a boss monster at the end. The game also features plenty of professions that you can choose 2 from along with a selection of gathering professions. There are also a lot of dungeons for you to run with friends or guildmates as well as PvP encounters such as the PK tournament and Guild wars for you to enjoy!

Fiesta Online may have lost a lot of its shine in recent years (possibly due to age), but it is still worth a try, particularly to players who enjoy anime MMOs.