Grand Fantasia

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Explore the beautiful world of Saphael with them and vanquish the evil that threatens it from the world in Grand Fantasia! Play NowGrand Fantasia large

Grand Fantasia is an anime-based MMO game that has an amazing and intricate sprite companion system. This sprite system is woven so flawlessly into the fabric of the game that it is impossible to play the game without the adorable sprites! The game also provides up to a total of 8 different and specialized character classes, a huge world for you to explore as well as plenty of challenging dungeons and PvP events for you to participate in. You can even get married in this game! Despite being a very generic MMORPG, if you do not take into account the sprites, of course, Grand Fantasia is still a very solid and enjoyable MMORPG game. So, download it today and try it out yourself!