Guild Wars 2

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If an MMO game can managed to stay buy-to-play for so long, you can definitely be sure that this game has multiple unique and engaging features that has kept its player base happy. And if you’re still unsure of which game we’re talking about here, well, it’s Guild Wars 2. The game provides in-depth character customization and development (something that role-players will love to bits), amazingly fluid action-based combat, a weapons-and-profession-based skills system, exciting and dynamic questing events, massive cross-server PvP events, and even the fantastic underwater combat.

Of course, there are plenty more interesting aspects in this game, including mounts, costumes, the rally system, and many more as well. It’s not every day you’ll get to enjoy one of the best games in MMO history for free, particularly when it was previously rather costly to even try the game out. So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and play Guild Wars 2 today!