Mortal Kombat

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Wreak havoc on your enemies in this epic fighting game in which every single duel is intense and packed with action. Play NowMortal Kombat large

Mortal Kombat, formerly known as Mortal Kombat X, is the mobile based installation of the iconic fighting game franchise. This is no doubt the ideal fighting game to play if you’re looking for action packed battles in which you’ll get to take control of powerful characters that can absolutely obliterate anything and anyone that stands in their path and, needless to say, we recommend playing the game on Bluestacks for the best visuals as well as the smoothest performance possible.

Mortal Kombat provides its players with some of the most intense battles that we’ve seen and the thing that makes them so exhilarating is the 3v3 format in which you’ll control various powerful characters that have access to devastating abilities. Alongside being intense, the battles are strategic as well since you’ll need to figure out which of your characters to utilize in what scenarios to make the most out of them. Alongside all this, there are several other features as well such as competitive online battles, loads of characters to unlock and even customization options.

The high-end gameplay of Mortal Kombat has been paired with some top-of-the-line visuals that elevate the entire experience to another level thanks to the detailed character models, gorgeous environments and stunning special effects. All things considered, Mortal Kombat is definitely a game that fighting game fans should give a shot to as it impresses on all fronts.