Rail Nation

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Schedule the journeys of your trains to transport goods for profit - Rise up and be a railway tycoon today! Play NowRail Nation large

If you love trains with a certain fiery passion, then Rail Nation is definitely a game that will suit you! In this game, you are the proud owner of a train station in a home city. Schedule the journeys of your trains to various production factories on the map in order to transport goods from the factories to the home city for some profit. With more money, you can either choose to upgrade your trains via research or purchase new mightier trains, connect to new facilities by building new tracks, or upgrade the various buildings in your home city to improve their functions. Don’t forget to keep your trains in tip-top shape by regularly repairing them when needed.

By expanding your railway business one step at a time, soon enough, you’ll have a huge network of tracks and a magnificent fleet of trains plying them to bring in some profits for your “rail nation”!