SimCity BuildIt

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Build the city of your dreams in this thorough and in-depth city builder game that’s a cut above the rest. Play NowSimCity BuildIt large

SimCity BuildIt is a phenomenal city building game that’ll give you the opportunity to utilize your creativity to the absolute fullest. This is an incredibly feature-rich city building experience that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours as you build up the city of your dreams and it’s highly recommended that you play it via Bluestacks and take advantage of the incredibly smooth performance that the platform has to offer.

At the heart of SimCity BuildIt is an expertly designed city building system that’ll let you build a city that you can fine-tune and customize exactly according to your liking and preferences. As you progress through the game, you can even unlock exciting new locations that offer unique architectural styles and, on top of all this, SimCity BuildIt even features a bit of a competitive element in the form of the Contest of Mayors in which you’ll get to test your skills against other players in weekly challenges.

Alongside being loaded with features, SimCity BuildIt looks spectacular as well. The game features incredibly well detailed and lively visuals that are brought to life by a stunning color palette that’s bright and vibrant. Every single in-game animation looks incredibly smooth as well and, overall, SimCity BuildIt is no doubt among the best looking games in its genre. Overall, this is definitely a game that we recommend checking out if you’re a fan of city building games.